HIgh Altitude Roasting When we first trademarked our High Altitude Roasting logo several years ago, nobody was talking about High Altitude Roasting. Beans & Brews has successfully brought this method of roasting to the forefront of our Industry. You will see our explanation of High Altitude Roasting (or a similar form of it) in many places on the internet, but Beans & Brews is the Original home of High Altitude Roasting!

High Altitude Roasting Defined

High altitude roasting is defined as coffee that is roasted at a minimum of 4,000 feet above sea level. By roasting our coffee in the Mountain Valley of the Wasatch Front, we have gained a significant advantage over our competitors through the process of High Altitude Roasting.

There are few roasters that roast coffee at such a high altitude, and fewer still who understand the advantage of doing so. The advantage is noticeable in the flavor of the coffee. The smooth intensity of Beans & Brews coffees is unmatched from coffees roasted at lower altitudes.

The simplest analogy to High Altitude roasting is that of baking. Just as baking cakes, breads and the like at high altitudes is different from baking them at lower altitudes, so is roasting coffee. In roasting coffee, high altitude allows for quicker bean development at a lower temperature, avoiding the two most common tribulations of roasting coffee: baking, and scorching. Baking coffee occurs when it is roasted too long causing inadequate structural expansion and resulting in flavor that is flat and lacks intensity. Scorching coffee occurs when coffee beans are roasted at too high of a temperature causing lack of development and resulting in flavor that is wild, woody and unappealing.

It is common knowledge in the coffee roasting Industry that heat should be applied at both the lowest temperature possible and for the shortest possible amount of time. High Altitude Roasting accomplishes that exact objective.

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