HIgh Altitude Roasting When we first trademarked our High Altitude Roasting logo several years ago, nobody was talking about High Altitude Roasting. Beans & Brews has successfully brought this method of roasting to the forefront of our Industry. You will see our explanation of High Altitude Roasting (or a similar form of it) in many places on the internet, but Beans & Brews is the Original home of High Altitude Roasting!

What exactly does High Altitude Roasting mean?

Well, back when we first started roasting coffee beans at our Salt Lake headquarters, we found that we had to handle things a little differently due to our mountain valley’s altitude. Luckily, our elevation is an advantage: the general rule of coffee roasting is to use the least possible amount of heat, for the least possible amount of time. Our 4,400-foot elevation lets us do just that, minimizing the heat and time in the roaster. The result? A smooth yet intense flavor you just can’t attain by roasting in low-lying places. As soon as the beans have cooled, we pack them in airtight bags to capture their character. Then, we send them along to friends like you.

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