Pleased to meet you!

Here's a little about
us and our history.

Over 25 years & going strong.

Beans & Brews Coffeehouse has been around since 1993, when the Laramie family opened shop next to Salt Lake City’s beloved hangout, Liberty Park. The family refined the process of high-altitude roasting, which required special tweaks just like high-altitude baking. They soon got the process just right, and they built a reputation for uniquely smooth coffee in a friendly neighborhood setting.

At Beans & Brews—or “Beans,” as friends call us for short, we love greeting regulars with their favorite drinks, made just the way they like ‘em. And we dig getting to know newcomers and welcoming them to the Beans community. Come in for a cup, alone or with a friend, and make yourself at home.

We don’t just brew coffee. We brew community. When you visit Beans & Brews, you’re taking part in something bigger. Delicious drinks, locally roasted beans, and people who love giving back to the community we share. Just let us know how we can make your day a little brighter—whether it’s adding extra whipped cream or donating a gift basket to your little-league fundraiser.

Cheers, and stop by soon.

Your Beans community

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