Meet Our Franchise Leadership Team

When You Become a Beans & Brews Franchisee, Our Executive Team Is in Your Corner.

Jeff Laramie, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Laramie

Jeff is a co-founder of Beans & Brews. Starting just out of college and continuing for 30 years, Jeff has dedicated his entire professional career to building the Beans & Brews brand. He is deeply dedicated to maintaining a company culture where team members can be themselves, feel empowered, and supported. Jeff is actively involved in the financial aspects of the business and plays a critical role in long-term growth and strategic planning. One of his most fulfilling roles is meeting new franchisee prospects during Summit Days.

“It is very rewarding to watch franchisees embrace the same passion for Beans as we have internally and go on to prosper as they open locations, bringing the brand to new neighborhoods and new markets”.

Jeff’s Beans & Brews Favorites:  

  • Hot Beverage: Artisan Selections 
  • Cold Beverage: Iced Americano
  • Food: Brekky Tacos

Kevin Laramie, Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Laramie

Kevin is a co-founder of Beans & Brews. He is one of the few who has completed many tasks in a company that is 30 years old, whether it be working as a barista, roasting and packaging coffee, making deliveries, managing the warehouse, building new stores, manufacturing store fixtures, and supporting the Beans team. Currently, his role involves meeting each new franchisee and introducing them to the world of high-altitude specialty coffee, assisting with site selections, and supporting the corporate staff.

“I am so proud of our incredible, quickly-growing Beans family. One of my favorite experiences is sharing our enthusiasm for the company with future franchisees on Summit Day. It is rewarding to educate people about the roasting process, lead the tour of our facilities, answer questions, and build new relationships.”

Kevin’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: any kind!
  • Cold Beverage: Iced Mocha
  • Food: Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Croissant

Carrie Mongold, Vice President of Marketing

Carrie Mongold

Carrie has been with Beans for 28 years! Prior to taking a leadership role in marketing, she was a barista, and manager and worked in Beans operations. That experience gave her a unique perspective, not only in understanding consumer demand, but also on how to introduce products, deliver marketing strategies, and roll out procedures in a way that is operationally feasible. Carrie and her team assist with grand opening campaigns, regular marketing, advertising, and social media. They created an entire marketing toolkit to assist franchisees in promoting their businesses in their local communities.

“In my opinion, marketing is the most fun and most creative department of any business. Developing ways to bring people close to our brand is what I most enjoy about my role in this company.”

Carrie’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: French Roast
  • Cold Beverage: Frozen Mocha
  • Food: Brekky Tacos

Paul Spiers, Vice President of Planning, Design and Construction

Paul Spiers

Before working directly for Beans & Brews, Paul was contracted to build and install all our coffeehouse cabinetry. We loved working with him and as soon we got to the point we needed him full-time, we didn’t hesitate to bring him on to the team. Paul has now been with us for 30 years. Paul develops our coffeehouse floor plans, assists in the interior designing, and works directly with our architects and general contractors.

“My job is truly a labor of love in bringing a new coffeehouse to completion. Getting to opening day, there is a special moment when that happens.”

Paul’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: Café Mocha
  • Cold Beverage: Frozen Mr. B’s® (latte)
  • Food: B Original (sandwich)

Casey Pymm, Product Manager

Casey Pymm - Project Manager

Casey has worked for Beans for nearly two years! He joined us with 18+ years of experience in project and operations management. Casey manages the build-out of new Beans & Brews Coffeehouses. He orders equipment and ensures it is delivered on time and installed correctly. Casey works with our vendors to make sure everything is completed without a hitch.

“Getting to know each franchisee is key to having a good working relationship. I want the process to be as smooth as possible for them. It’s so satisfying to me when the job is done, and the franchisee is up and running!”

Casey’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: Americano
  • Cold Beverage: Cold Brew
  • Food: Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Croissant

Toni Fries-Allen, Director of Franchise Operations

Toni Fries-Allen

Toni has worked for Beans for over 22 years. Toni leads our franchise operations team. She provides direction to new franchisees on how to set up their coffeehouses according to brand standards. Toni also leads the support programs at Beans to ensure franchisees get the things they need to be successful in their franchise.

“My role involves reviewing the franchisees’ annual reports and providing feedback to them, helping where I can. But my favorite part of working with franchisees is visiting their locations. I feel connected to each one when I walk through the door.”

Toni’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: Soy Latte
  • Cold Beverage: Espresso Float™ 
  • Food: B Original (sandwich)

Kim Falk, Vice President of Franchise Development

Kim Falk

Kim has been with Beans & Brews for two years and she joined us with over 17 years of experience in franchising. Kim has led multiple franchise teams and has been instrumental in the growth of a brand with an investment of over $5M. She supported a multi-brand group through six brand acquisitions while expanding all seven brands across the nation.

“I enjoy building relationships with wonderful people that become franchise owners. We become ingrained in one another’s lives and develop a friendship. I enjoy helping people become franchise partners with great brands so they can live out their dream of business ownership.”

Kim’s Beans & Brews Favorites:

  • Hot Beverage: Mr. B’s
  • Cold Beverage: Frozen Mocha
  • Food: Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Croissant

Sara Anderson, Vice President of Operations

Sarah Anderson

Sarah has been with Beans for over 24 years. She and her team develop operational, training, and administrative tools that help franchisees successfully operate a Beans franchise. The operations team is committed to the continued success of our franchise partners and operators, providing ongoing support and development for franchisees and operators throughout Beans & Brews.

“When I first started working at Beans as a barista, I absolutely loved being a part of the company and our community. This feeling has been with me throughout my career here. My favorite thing about working at Beans has always been being part of the team, having fun, and developing relationships.”

Sarah’s Beans & Brews Favorites: 

  • Hot Beverage: Americano
  • Cold Beverage: Cold Brew
  • Food: Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Croissant

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