We understand that clear communication is important in a time like this, so we have dedicated this page to informing our Guests on what we are doing as a company in response to the COVID-19 virus. We will be providing updates as they arise, which may be multiple times a day, so check back often. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed on this page, please feel reach out to us directly at and we’ll be in touch soon. 

Thank you for your support, and please stay safe and healthy!

Mask Mandate Lifted

We are encouraged to see case counts and hospitalization rates steadily decreasing with the vaccine now available to all Utah citizens over the age of 16.  The Utah statewide mask mandate was lifted on April 10, 2021; however, Salt Lake City still requires masks in public.  We ask Guests visiting our Salt Lake City locations to wear a mask while not seated at a table, and masks are appreciated inside all Beans & Brews locations. 

Because mask mandates now vary from city to city, the mask policy at each Beans & Brews location will be determined by the operator and local ordinance.       

 Lobbies Open For Dine-in


With daily COVID-19 case rates on the decline in Utah and Idaho, we are opening many of our lobbies for dine-in service. 

Keeping our Guests and employees safe is our priority, so we are strictly following all local Health Department guidelines, including: employees wearing masks at all times, enhanced cleaning procedures, socially-distanced seating options, and cash handling and food/drink prep being performed by designated employees. 

Check our locations page to see which service options are available at each location.


 Online Ordering

Beans & Brews now offers online ordering for pick up at many of our Wasatch Front locations! Another safe and simple way to get your beans fix! 

 Beans & Brews Service Options 


Beans & Brews locations are open for takeout and drive-thru service (where available). We also offer online ordering and delivery at select locations. Check our locations page to see details for which service options are available at each location.

Downtown Beans Reopens with Online Ordering & Takeout!


The downtown Beans & Brews location on 268 South State Street re-opened for business today, and looking forward to seeing you again! Get your Beans fix through takeout, or check out our new online ordering site at

*Lobby & seating areas are closed.*


Murray Beans Reopens with Online Ordering & Takeout!

Our Murray location on 5938 South State Street has reopened with takeout service and online ordering!

Now you can place an order online at, or place an order in the lobby for takeout. 

*The lobby and seating areas are not open.*


Liberty Park Beans Reopens with Online Ordering & Carhop Service!

Our Liberty Park location on 906 S. 500 E. has reopened with carhop service and online ordering with curbside pick-up!

Simply order online at, park in the lot and we’ll bring your order right to you. Or park in the lot and one of our friendly baristas will take your order and delivery it to you right in the comfort of your own car!

Two safe and simple ways to get your Beans fix! 

*The lobby and seating areas are not open.*


Taylorsville Reopens with Online Ordering!

Our Taylorville location on 5373 S. 3600 W. has reopened with online ordering and curbside pick-up!

Simply order online at, park in front of the store and we’ll bring your order right to your car. It’s the safe and simple way to get your Beans fix! 

The lobby is not open and orders must be placed online and picked-up curbside.

*Online ordering currently available at 5373 S. 3600 W. location only*


Stop by for Drive-thru & Takeout Service

All Beans & Brews locations with a drive-thru are open and continuing service at the drive-thru. Four locations without a drive-thru (Liberty Park, Downtown, Taylorsville, and Murray on State Street) are temporarily closed. All other locations without a drive-thru are open and taking phone orders for takeout. Please check our locations page for details and current store hours.


Boise Suspends Dine-in Service

Beans & Brews Boise location will continue service at the drive-thru. The lobby is no longer open. 


New Business Hours

All but two Beans & Brews have reopened (our Liberty park store is closed for remodel and our downtown store is temporarily closed), but business hours have been shortened at some of our locations .

Please check our locations page for current business hours before stopping by. We hope to see you soon!  


Earthquake Closures

Due to the public safety advisory regarding the earthquake, many of the Beans & Brews locations along the Wasatch Front are closed for the remainder of the day, Wednesday, March 18th. Normal operating hours will resume tomorrow.


All Utah Beans & Brews locations will suspend dine-in service on 3/17/20.

Locations without a drive-thru window will continue takeout service. Guests may place and pick up orders in the lobby for takeout during regular store hours (see our locations page for each location’s store hours). Seating areas will not be open at locations without drive-thru windows.

Locations with a drive-thru will continue service at the drive-thru window during regular store hours (see our locations page for each location’s store hours). Lobbies will not be open at locations with drive-thru windows.


To our valued Guests

The health and well-being of our employees, guests and entire community is always of the utmost importance to us.  We understand that there is a lot of concern and anxiety in our communities right now, so we thought it would be important to share with you the additional measures that we are taking to best protect you and our employees. 

  • We are adding labor hours to ensure that there is enough time to do extra cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched areas such as tables, chairs, handles, knobs, switches, counter tops, etc.
  • We are reminding our employees that under no circumstance should they handle guest’s cell phones (ie: for app scanning), or to use their own cell phones while on shift.
  • In addition to normal hand washing, we have instructed our employees to wash their hands even more frequently and regularly (at least every 30 minutes).
  • We are encouraging our employees to stay home if they do not feel well even if it means leaving the store short-handed.
  • We are temporarily suspending personal mug refills and the use of ceramic mugs and plates in our Houses.  All beverages will be served in one-time use disposable cups.
  • All plastic utensils, stirrers, condiments and water dispenser will be removed from the service counter and will be available from your Barista by request. 

It’s important that each and every one of us stay up to date on the situation from reputable sources such as the CDC and take the recommended precautions seriously.  We will continue to monitor the CDC website for any new recommended preventative measures and will implement new measures expeditiously.

We are all in this together and we will do our part to get past this by staying positive and optimistic, and helping our community to live their lives as normally as possible.



Jeff Laramie – Founder/CEO

Kevin Laramie – Founder/CO    

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