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How do I earn points for my purchase?

Tap Earn Points the orange button on the rewards screen and show the QR code to the barista to scan. If you are unable to scan your phone, you can request a receipt and then scan the bar code at the bottom or enter the code below the bar code manually on your mobile device. Bar codes expire in 48 hours.


Do I earn Points on any purchase?

Yes. The point system is linked to the dollar amount spent, not the items purchased. $1 = 1 point. Points are even rewarded on transactions that are discounted by a promotion. Gift cards are the only purchase that does not earn points.

How do I use my rewards credit?

As soon as you get 75 points. $5 will be added to your account. This credit will show up in the app in the bottom right hand corner in a small orange circle. Once you press the orange circle it will have you define the amount you want to use, simply scroll through the whole value amounts or enter the amount yourself using the number pad. After entering the amount and moving to the next page it will ask that you confirm your selection and tap Redeem Now, then a QR code will pop up, show your barista and enjoy your free drink!


What if the reward amount being applied does not match the transaction total?

If a transaction is more than the amount of reward being applied, the remaining balance can be paid by other forms of payment. If a transaction is less than the amount of reward being applied, the remaining reward amount goes back into your rewards account.

Where can I find the special offers and how do I redeem them?

The special offers are located on your rewards page, simply scroll down and select from the multiple options if you have them! Once you find the one you’d like to use simply hit the Redeem button and a QR code will pop up, present this code to your barista for your coupon to be applied to your order!


How do I add money onto my account so I can pay with the app?

Great question! We call it the Beans Card, on the app you can tap the beans card tab on the bottom menu. Once on the screen you will see two options. Add Beans Card and Gift Beans Card. To add money to your own account select Add Beans Card to give money to someone else select Gift a Beans Card. Once you select Add Beans Card you can either put in an already existing physical gift card to use on your app or you can add a new one digitally using a credit card payment. For the credit card payment simply select a design and hit next, enter the amount you’d like to add to your card, then enter your credit card information. That money will then be added onto your account as a Beans Card!


How can I pay with the app?

On the rewards screen, hit the white button that says Earn & Pay With Beans Card after pressing that button a prompt will show up that will ask you if you would like to add a tip to the transaction. Simply select no thanks, one of the preset options, or enter your own amount! It will then highlight the selection. Next, hit the button right below indicating which tip/option you chose. Finally, a QR code will appear, present it to your barista to scan it to pay for your order!


Do I need to scan a separate QR code to earn my points if I am paying with the app?

Our app works with one scan only, so any code you choose to scan will always add points to your account, whether you choose to just earn points, pay with your Beans Card, or choose to use a special offer! Remember you will only get points based on the Dollar ($) amount of the transaction so if you choose to reduce the amount with a coupon or reward you will only get the points equal to the amount after the reduction!

Can I use a special offer and also pay with my app?

Yes! Have your barista scan the special offer code first, then go into your Beans Card and have that scanned second.

My app hasn't given me the points but I just finished paying. Where are they?

Don’t worry! Our system can take up to 15 minutes to apply the points to your account. Give it a few minutes and you should get the reward screen soon!

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