About Us

At Beans & Brews Coffee House, we use coffee to create community. All over the world, sharing food or beverages is a way to extend hospitality, a symbol of goodwill and a way to make others feel welcome. We try to instill these concepts into each cup of coffee we brew.

Beans & Brews Coffee House counter

Beans & Brews Coffee

Because we view coffee and an accompanying snack as more than a simple break in your day, we take our brewing responsibility seriously. We choose only Arabica coffee beans, and we roast them right here in Salt Lake City, so you know they’re fresh.

Moreover, roasting coffee beans at high altitudes is a special skill that our roasters have mastered, making a Beans & Brews coffee an extra-special treat here in SLC.

Get Coffee Together, at Beans & Brews

We offer a tested variety of coffees, teas, sandwiches and snacks because we understand that as much fun as it is to get coffee, it’s even more fun with a friend. Whether you ask your work buddy if they want to walk over to Beans & Brews Coffee House with you for an afternoon pick-me-up, you plan to meet your sister there after school or you and your sweetie stop in for a steaming cup of java, the point is, it’s not just the coffee, it’s who you share it with.

While some of our customers sip coffee all afternoon solitary-style while they work, others sit at tables together, leaning in, sharing stories, laughs and intimate moments. Getting coffee with a friend or loved one is an experience, a shared event that you’ll look back on fondly. We love facilitating these get-togethers.

Barista making coffee

It’s About More Than Coffee

As much as we love our customers and appreciate how much they love our Beans & Brews coffee, we believe in karma, and that’s why we want to pay homage to the universe for our success by giving back to the community. We make it a point to give to charities and participate in fundraisers for schools and other worthy causes.

We have been part of the Salt Lake City community for more than 25 years, and while luck is part of all success, so is careful planning, hard work and putting effort into achieving parity, fairness and equality.

When you come into Beans & Brews Coffee House for a cup of coffee, tea or another beverage or snack, you know that you’re supporting a coffee house that cares about people as much as it cares about profits.

At Beans & Brews Coffee House, we love our customers, and we think it shows. Do you agree?

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