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Coffee = Love

Sugarhouse Beans has been one of the most important locations in my life! Countless visits with friends, games of backgammon and chess, stops before road trips, coffee before weddings, birthday celebrations, and study sessions have taken place inside those walls. Most importantly, it is the place I worked with my now-boyfriend. We built our relationship working side by side and, six years later, we still find the same joy in sharing a cup of coffee.


Beans for life!

I started working at Beans in high school, shortly after it was born. I worked at the Liberty Park location, and I loved working with coffee and meeting interesting people. Fast forward 24 years... I still love the coffee and the people!


Love Letter to Beans

Happy 25th! I’m only a year older than you. My mom introduced me to your Brews - her favorite, we went to the Liberty Park location often when I was little. Now every time I drink your coffee it feels like a warm hug from my mom, who has lived across the country most of my life. During college your Caramel Cielos kept me going. Now I frequent your Davis County locations, for a peaceful work break. And on the weekends you make my errand running so much better, at your SLC locations. Your shops are also my favorite place to take client meetings for my wedding flower business. Thanks for being more than a cup of coffee, to me! You’re the best. 🧡 -Love, Haley